Ending the search for the perfect frames.

More than any other accessory or item of clothing, nothing has the ability to make a statement like your eyewear. The frames you wear does more than shows a stylistic preference. They tell people a story about who you are, your unique personality, and how you see the world. This is why we got into the eyewear business: we want to help people find the eyewear that truly shows who they are as an individual.

Making a personal statement

The range of things a person can say with their eyewear is endless. Are you subtle or refined? Are you bold and daring? Are you colourful and loud or are you minimal and precise? Are you nostalgic or are you more forward-looking. When someone sees your eyewear, in a split second they can start to get a sense of who you are.

The challenge with eyewear is not in what you can say, but in choosing what you to say. Over the past handful of years your choice in eyewear has exploded to the point where it's difficult to actually make a confident choice in what eyewear to buy. 

Finding the right pair for you

Our aim with GoldSquare is to make finding the right pair of frames straightforward, and enjoyable. We carry both the iconic, all time classics and pair them with the top styles of each season from the top eyewear brands. We have an added focus on curation, and we have a style consultant available on staff to help you uncover brands and looks that would suit you. Throughout our collection you can be sure we have the right frame for you.

How We Work

Making eyewear from top brands accessible to everyone 

Perhaps a bigger question than what kind of eyewear to buy is where to buy it from. The number of eyewear makers and retailers online makes comparison shopping a difficult proposition. There's 3D printed frames, new-school start-up retailers, knock-offs, wholesalers, and even secondary markets online. If you choose to search for frames online, you either can't trust the authenticity,the style, the quality, the retailer, or all four. On the other hand, you can opt to stick with a brick and mortar store you trust, but you can't be guaranteed that the right style for you is available, and you are likely looking at a higher purchase price.

Carrying only the brands you know and trust

We understand. Shopping for eyewear can be a hassle, it can be confusing, and it can be a risk. GoldSquare is an answer to that problem, and our answer is simple: we only carry eyewear from the trusted and well-established brands, and we offer them at prices only a few dollars more than direct-to-consumer retailers.

The way we do this is simple. We only sell the brands we offer online. There is no brick and mortar store, and we keep our team of staff small. Our approach isn't radical, but it is an approach where our reduced costs means that we can pass savings on the world's leading optical and sun eyewear on to you.

Backed by over a decade of experience

Don't worry though - we're not a startup brand. While the name is new, the team behind GoldSquare has been in the business for over a decade. We understand the ins and outs of the eyewear industry, and we are 100% able to stand behind the quality and authenticity of the frames we carry.