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Gold Square was born from a passion to make the world's top eyewear brands accessible to everyone.

More than anything else you wear, your eyewear does the most to accent your personality, your attitude, and your style. With so much choice available now, finding the right frames can be a daunting task. That's why we created Gold Square - to help each and every person find the perfect frames that fit them inside and out.

With over two decades of experience, Gold Square is the first Canadian company to offer the largest offering of the world's top eyewear labels at the best prices. We've paired the convenience and affordability of direct-to consumer retail with access to the world's top fashion, luxury, and sports brands. With Gold Square you can wear authentic frames from labels that have defined generations of the worlds most unique individuals in modern history.

Personalized service. Exceptional performance. 

We love the amazing variety of styles available from the brands we carry. We believe that for each individual there is the perfect frame out there. Finding that frame is a journey that we are passionate to help each guest of ours take. From complimenting face shape to colour selection, there are so many details to consider when purchasing eyewear. We are here to help you make the right decision and wear the frames that are right for you.

For us, quality goes beyond the frame to every lens we prepare. You can trust that you not only will look your best, but you'll also see your best. We are the first online eyewear company to properly present every frame from each collection that can have prescriptions built in. With in-house optometrists, we offer personalized service to ensure you receive the correct prescription and keep your eyes protected from sun and screen. With every lens, anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings are included. We also offer add-on features, such as blue-light filtering and glass cleaning kits to keep your eyewear looking sharp.

A life-long source for quality eyewear

Our goal is to build a trusted eyewear source online for you to build a long-term relationship with. We aim to make your experience as honest, convenient, and personal as possible — allowing you to make a purchase with confidence. After you make a purchase with us, we'll hold your information on record to help make future frame changes or prescription updates easy and efficient.

If you find anything wrong with your order or your end result, please let us know immediately. We will do everything in our ability to ensure you get the frames, the fit, and the prescription that you require. We sincerely want to deliver you the best quality products and service possible.

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